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You are about to embark on one of the most exciting and adrenaline charged sports, Ski Tubing. The sport of tubing has grown over the years and has come a long way from the day where we used to get dragged behind the boat in an over inflated tractor tube with the fear of getting gored by a nice shiny valve.

Tubes nowadays come in many different sizes and shapes from the single person round tube to the multi person fully enclosed lounges we see on the market today however the one constant remains the same, Inflation pressures are the most important part of a great tubing experience. I will use a fully enclosed Tube as our example here and relate it to a car tyre with an inner tube. In the Car tyre the outer shell has all the strength. The inner tube fills the outer tyre and offers the strength the outer tyre requires. When inflated correctly the tyre will perform correctly, if it is under inflated it performs poorly. This is no different with tubing. An under inflated tube will perform poorly and often lead to seam failures. We need to keep in mind that the inner tube needs to completely fill the outer cover so it performs correctly. Remember the strength of the tube is in the outer cover. The cover needs to have no creases and the inner must not have any movement within the cover.

To achieve this I recommend a Test Pilot hand pump or Test Pilot bellows pump. These will ensure that you are able to fill your tube to the required pressure. When it is filled correctly the tube will perform better, it will ride better and will create less drag on the boat therefore prolonging the life of all your equipment. The second most important factor in tubing is to keep the tube out of the sun as often as possible and if it is not being used let some air out of it. It is much easier to top the tube up with air before you are about to use it than to suffer from a tube failure and have your weekend ruined.

Tubing is all about fun and if you ensure your tube is kept at the correct inflation pressure, kept out of the sun and deflated when not in use, you will ensure that your experience will be rewarding and enjoyable.

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