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Here at Deja Vu we take a huge amount of pride in stocking the most extensive range of kneeboards available in Australia today. Stocking all the big brands, we cater all levels and budgets, with ranges from Obrien, HO, Jobe, Kidder, Test Pilot and Bluewater there is bound to be something suited to you.



The first question you want to ask yourself is: who is the kneeboard for? There are generally a couple of different options here. Most families will need a kneeboard to suit everyone at all ages and abilities. The best type of kneeboard here is something that will have good channels on the underside for learning how to edge and stay in control, Good buoyancy for easy starts and low speeds and an aqua hook allowing the rider to focus on balance rather than pull from the boat.

The more serious kneeboarder will need something that is more suited to their ability. These kneeboarders need a stiff board for added strength edge control, different rocker profiles for increased Air potential and high quality kneepads for ultimate control and protection.


Generally speaking there are 3 types of construction on the market today;

ROTO Mold; also known as plastic kneeboards. These kneeboards a high in floatation and are really durable. Great for towing a slow speed and learning how to deep water start, ROTO molded kneeboards are best suited to beginner to intermediate.

RIM Mold; Contracted in the same way as combo waterski’s and cheaper wakeboards, a RIM mold kneeboard is stiffer and more advanced than a ROTO mold, they are best suits to intermediate kneeboarders.

COMPRESSION Mold; Constructed the same way as a wakeboard or a high end slalom ski, compression molded kneeboards are best suited to intermediate to experienced kneeboarders. Because of this construction they are stiffer, stronger, advanced in design and shape. Depending on the feature of particular models, this type of construction is best suited to experienced kneeboarders.


There are 2 types of kneeboard shapes; Directional and Twin.

DIRECTIONAL; mainly found in entry level kneeboards, a directional kneeboards features are tailored towards beginners to help with control and direction. Directional kneeboards are generally only found in ROTO and RIM molded constructions

TWIN; Intermediate to Advanced kneeboards will generally be available in twin tip designs. This is to allow the rider more flexibility in riding direction and opens up more possibility in tricks. In Compression molded twin direction boards there are a lot of variations in shape which will cater towards specific styles of riders.


Just like wakeboards, kneeboards are constantly evolving with designs to help kneeboarders progress to that next level. Here is a quick rundown of some of the feature available today across different kneeboards

AQUA HOOKS; Aqua hooks are great for beginners, initially learning how to deep start is very intense. There are so many things to control at once. The aqua hook allows the kneeboard to take to full load of the boat pull, instead of the rider holding the handle, the handle simply sits in the hook allowing the rider to focus on balance and securing the strap. Here at Deja Vu we recommend the use of an aqua hook when beginning.

PADS; Kneeboard pads are also getting better all the time. Basically what you pay for is what you get here. More advanced pads will use multi density EVA / Foam constructions that are tailored in design to increase comfort whereas cheaper designs will be more generic to suit a variety of different shapes.

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